Men and women who want to lose weight are encouraged to begin a fitness regimen, but that can be tough for people who are obese and need to shed more than 100 lbs. It’s important to consult with the family doctor first to make sure no health issues have developed that should be managed, such as high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes. In addition, products such as Mueller braces and supports may be advisable to provide support for the knees.

Stress on the Knees

Some knee braces and supports are intended for daily use, while others have been designed to help wearers recover from an injury. Individuals who are very overweight are vulnerable to knee injury, since the force on these joints increases by more than triple the normal amount with every excess pound. Being just 20 lbs. overweight puts at least an extra 60 lbs. of stress on the knee joints.

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Many men and women dealing with a large amount of excess weight already have knee pain just because of the additional stress on those joints when they walk or climb stairs. The support devices help reduce discomfort while keeping the knee more stable and reinforced.

Decisions for Women

Women are more susceptible to these types of injuries, including ligament strains and tears, and problems with the kneecap. They benefit from wearing support devices that have been designed for female patients, since the position of the knee joint is different in women than it is in men. Not only does choosing an incorrect model make the support less effective, it also is bound to feel uncomfortable relatively quickly.

Work Considerations

An obese individual may have a job opportunity that pays more than what he or she earns now, but it requires standing and walking for part of the day. If they haven’t been doing much activity on their feet for a while, they justifiably feel hesitant about applying. Knee support devices from Mueller Sports Medicine can make it easier for them to work in these kinds of positions. The extra activity should offer the additional advantage of making it easier to drop some pounds.

The Importance of Staying Active

Losing more than 100 lbs. is an incredibly challenging goal. Being able to stay active and increase the amount of physical exercise one gets can be an important part of an all-around weight loss program. The effort is made easier and safer with medical knee supports.

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